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Vendor Development Vendor Development Program - A Madhya Pradesh Government initiative for Micro & Small Enterprises ( MSES) / Startup rightlogo
About Us


Post consecutive Global Investor Summits held in the state of Madhya Pradesh, the common queries raised by leading industries were:

  • Does the State have a pool of vendors who have the capability to manufacture, assemble or provide the products or components or services?

  • Does the State have vendors who have the capability to produce global quality of goods or services?

  • Can the vendors of the State ensure timely delivery of products, components or services at our factory’s doorsteps in time?


The above stated queries have made the Govt. of Madhya Pradesh to focus on specific sectors with capable growth potential like automobiles, engineering, textiles, pharmaceuticals, food processing and defence and organise strategic convergence of anchor – vendor units of the respective sectors

Vendor development Program is a 3 year program managed by Madhya Pradesh Laghu Udyog Nigam Limited (MPLUN) and implemented by Ernst & Young LLP (EY).

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